About the Yamaha XS 650

The legendary first model - Yamaha XS1

The Legend - A genuine Yamaha XS1 


In 1969, when a large number of British manufacturers discontinued their production, Yamaha discovered a new market and, with the XS 1, brought out the first four-time brand of this brand. The engine was parallel-twin to the British design scheme, but technology and processing were improved as opposed to the model.

But the American customers in particular remained loyal to the British brands. Despite the better processing and reliability of the XS compared to the British models the chassis weaknesses could not convince.

In addition, there were certainly the typical reservations of the kind "Japanese copy of a classic original".

Also the rework by chassis guru Percy Tait and the new name XS650 could not change anything. Kenny Roberts's success in the racing scene in 1974/75 did not lead to the hoped-for success.

At the beginning of the 80s, the "Softchopper" was introduced as a further concession to US customers, whose grandchildren today represent the cruiser scene. But even this boom could not counter the declining sales figures, and so the model series was discontinued after 15 years.

Only after that the XS became a "cult moped", with the result that today one has to pay more for well-preserved copies than for the last really new ones.

XS 650 (C Europa, Code 1E1) von 1976

The "Cult Moped": A Yamaha XS 650 from 1976

Technical Specifications

XS 650


Yamaha Motor

Production period

1969 – 1984




Naked Bike


Air cooled 4-stroke cycle engine


Capacity (cm³)


Later models: 654

Sports versions: up to 1000



5 gears


Chain drive

Wheel base (mm)

1410 – 1435

Curb weight (kg)

185 – 217

Model Overview

A comprehensive model history is contained in the current book by Dieter Langbein, whose "short version" was printed in the first four editions of the "Rüttler".

How many XS650s were registered in Germany? Nobody knows how, since many have come to us as gray imprints, which have never been grasped in the proper statistics of the KBA. But the annual survey of the data in Flensburg gives at least an overview and trend. 


Vehicle Code

Starting with Serial No.

Production time (from/to)

Steering Head

Wheel Base

XS 1



Oktober 1969
Juli 1970

27°/101 mm

1410 mm

XS 1 B



August 1970
Juli 1971

27°/98 mm

1410 mm

XS 2



August 1971
Juli 1972

27°/101 mm

1410 mm

TX 650 A



August 1973
Juli 1974

27°/115 mm

1435 mm

XS 650 B



August 1974
Juli 1975

26,5°/108 mm

1435 mm